EXGEOMIN has a vast experience in exploitation, exploration, export and trading of mineral concentrates from Bolivia and the region of South America.


Leader in the marketing and export of industrial mineral concentrates such as Copper, Zinc, Tin, Silver, Gold among others. The destination of the mineral concentrates are smelters, foundries, automotive baterries industries and general industries in Asia and Europe.


Of small and medium sized mines of  Lead, Zinc, Tin, Copper, Silver, Gold among others, carried out under strict safety and environmental protection standards.


Of industrial mineral ores. The correspondent metalúrgical studies and the adecuate collection of the minerals are due to joint work with local mining cooperatives, private mining companies of the region of Oruro and Potosí, providing , with local flotation plants, under our supervision, the recourses for the respective mineral concentration.


For the flotation (concentration) of  industrial minerals ore at the production zone. We offer valuable technical advise and supervision at all stages of the concentration procedure. Specific studies and metalúrgical works require a vigorous follow up, in order to achieve a high percentage mineral export quality.

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